Land-use and climate change interactions in the Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin, Central Vietnam

Research question
Which role does land-use play for GHG emissions? What sustainable land / water management strategies can cope with climate change impacts?


Demographic change, increasing energy demand, increasing tourism, climate change, sea level rise, price changes in global markets
Indicators Increasing drought and flood events, salt water intrusion, land-use changes, contamination, erosion, yield losses
Production systemsAgriculture (rice and annuals), forestry, tourism, industry
Measures Develop regional climate change scenarios, assess the role of agriculture and forest for GHG mitigation, bio-economic optimisation model, jointly develop integrated modelling approaches and scenarios, implement appropriate land-use planning and water management strategies
Study sitesVu Gia Thu Bon River Basin, Provinces Da Nang and Quang Nam
Area10.350 km²
DurationJuli 2010 to Juli 2015
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