Sustainable management of river oases along the Tarim River / China

Research question       How to support oasis management along the Tarim River under conditions of climatic and societal change?


Climate change, land-use
Indicators Floods, irrigation area, desertification, soil salinity, habitat change, crop production change
Production systems        
Cotton, wheat, fruits, nuts
Enhance water management and land management particularly with regard to ecology on basis of scientifical research results and apply them in a decision support system tool
CountryP. R. of China | Xinjiang Province | Tarim River Basin
Study sitesTarim River Basin including the catchment areas of its tributaries, i.e. Aksu River, Yarkand River, Hotan River, Kaikong River, Kaidu River, Konqi River, Weigan River, Kashgar River
Area1.000.000 km²
DurationMarch 2011 to February 2016
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