The Future Okavango

Scientific support for sustainable land and resource management in the Okavango basin

Research questionHow to improve land-use and resource management with scientific knowledge?


Population increase, exploitation of water and land resources, deforestation, expansion of slash and burn agriculture and agro-industrial schemes, land cover changes, biodiversity loss, climate change, changing flood events
Indicators Impoverished soils, decrease in yield levels, water extraction levels for irrigation schemes, transformation rates of natural vegetation into arable land, ecosystem integrity, biodiversity losses
Production systems    
Agriculture (traditional, conservation, irrigation), horticulture, pastoralism, forestry, wildlife based tourism
Measures Develop tools (scenarios, storylines, DSS) and strategies for sustainable land-use and river basin management
CountryOkavango basin (Botswana, Namibia, Angola)
Study sitesChitembo (Angola), Caiundo (Angola), Mashare (Namibia), Seronga (Botswana)
Area430.000 km²
DurationSeptember 2010 to August 2015
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