Communication, networking and support

In applied natural sciences ambitious objectives will only be reached if scientific programmes are able to transfer, communicate and implement their results and findings into action. Regarding this transformation, science requires a highly demanding management effort. Especially concepts concerning interlinked social and environmental research activities are extremely challenging.

To support synergies among disciplines of the regional projects of the land management programme, a networking and cooperation process will be initiated, moderated and supported (regionally) to set up contacts towards a more effective scientific and stakeholder-oriented problem handling. Thus research objectives of every single project will be connected with those on the programme level (and an interface for other research programmes and projects will be set up).

The determining factor for the above will be a continuous and intensive exchange between everyone involved in the programme with respect to coherencies in common research issues, study sites and common methodologies.

This supports a bundling of resources to reach a common added value in research and its various applications. The work package interlinks as a common working base for other work packages.

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Source: M. Volk