Stakeholder Work, Capacity Building and Strategies for Continuation

Supporting implementation orientation

To promote the implementation orientation of the LAMA programme the regional projects are supported in methodological and strategic tasks coming along with stakeholder integration and the development of continuation strategies. For this end joint workshops, hand-outs and checklists, concrete examples of good practice, exchange of experiences and specific consultancy will be offered. The focus is on stakeholder analyses and stakeholder involvement techniques as well as on the support of continuation strategies for the implementation processes started during the project.

Integrating results - Sustaining processes

Besides scientific syntheses GLUES also develops syntheses for praxis. To this end the following questions need to be addressed: Which results from the regional projects are of general interest for which stakeholder and user groups? Which of the solutions addressed by the regional projects are possibly transferable to other regions? Which results need to be fed in into the current international debate on land use? Are there praxis relevant results from the regional projects that could be sustained beyond the life-time of the programme? Answering those questions should provide us with some useful approaches to overcome the science - practice/policy gaps involved (see also science - policy/practice interface).

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Guideline: Working with Intermediaries and Implementation Partners: Hand-out for Projects within the BMBF Programme “Sustainable Land Management” (SLM)
Module A . April 2013

Guideline: Stakeholder Analysis and Involvement: Hand-out for Projects within the BMBF Programme“Sustainable Land Management” Module A. May 2011.

"Gelbe Seiten": Analyse potenzieller Stakeholder für das BMBF Programm Nachhaltiges Landmanagement. August 2011.

"Gelbe Seiten": Aktualisierte Analyse internationaler Stakeholder für das BMBF Programm Nachhaltiges Landmanagement. September 2013.

Responsible: Peter Moll science development & Ute Zander Lernprozesse für Nachhaltige Entwicklung Wuppertal.