Tasks and goals

  • To satisfy the demand for efficient communication infrastructures, networking, outreach (public relations and science policy interface) and the involvement of stakeholders and to assist in the effective implementation of results, GLUES also supports the regional projects within the research programme by managing the programme’s major communication needs.

  • In order to be able to identify transferable patterns from regional projects, the number of differing regional conditions needs to be reduced and this is something that GLUES aims to achieve by creating global scenarios and a common data pool via a geodata infrastructure (GDI).

  • These global scenarios provide a context for all the regional scenarios that remains consistent across all projects. Scenarios are being developed for the medium (2030) and long term (2100), which will enable the study of outcomes of immediate policy actions and how they correspond to long-term goals.

  • The common data pool allows the exchange of well-described data between the different regional projects in the research programme.

  • Stakeholder involvement, continuation strategies for the implementation of results throughout the life span of the projects and measures to apply scientific results to political processes are all part of the professional services offered.
Source: UFZ