Sustainable land management and adaptation strategies to climate change for the Western Siberian corn-belt

Research question       How can we mitigate negative impacts of agricultural land-use change on ecosystem services and biodiversity in Western Siberia?


Climate change, post-soviet socio-economic change, increasing worldwide demand for food and biofuels
IndicatorsArea cultivated for food and energy crops, livestock densities, pesticide and fertiliser input, greenhouse gas fluxes, water balance, biodiversity patterns
Production systemsAgriculture (livestock farming, rain-fed cereals)
Measures Modelled future land-use scenarios, toolkits for monitoring change and land-use planning, written guidance and training for policymakers
CountryRussia | Western Siberia
Study sites3 sites à 400 km² between Tyumen and Ishim
Area1.200 km²
DurationAugust 2011 to July 2016
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