Project structure

Within the Carbiocial project, twelve different subprojects are involved, being organized in the three CarbioCAC, CarbioLUM and Social Science & Communication blocks plus a geodata and a project management working group.

The CarbioCAC-working group (carbon turnover) records the basic modelling data and parameters via field surveys and C-enrichment experiments in close cooperation with farmers, for the adoption of GHG-C-models, erosion models as well as by modelling water balances on the basis of microcatchments.

The working group CarbioLUM (Land Use Management) compiles scenarios of future GHG-reduced land use strategies on the basis of the already existing deforestation, land use changes (LUCC), socio-economic and agro-economic parameters and adapt them explicitly for Southern Amazonia (e.g. by using the LandSHIFT-model), regarding the inclusion of climate change and stakeholder analyses.