COMTESS will quantify the ecosystem functions and services and the ecosystem’s resilience as realistically as possible on the plot level and upscale the results to the landscape level using a combination of statistical and process-based models. The results will be subject to an economic risk analysis.

Moreover, key socio-cultural dimensions, which strongly influence the readiness of local communities to embrace innovative strategies towards sustainable land management will be investigated by means of detailed participative qualitative research. Particular focus will be placed on notions of regional belonging and identity, and sense of place and of safety. The links between preferred landscapes, land uses, underlying cultural values, existing and potential land use conflicts and associated ESF and ESS will be made explicit.

Combining these scientific findings, together with stakeholders we will develop concrete action- and decision-oriented suggestions on local and regional levels to promote sustainable management of vulnerable coastal landscapes in response to expected climate change.

Source: COMTESS | Scenarios