SP 4 – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

This sub-project contains three research modules (RM1-Plant Biodiversity and Carbon-Sequestration, RM2-Animal Biodiversity and Pest Control, RM3-Aquatic Biodiversity and Water Supply) reflecting the three corresponding ecosystem services. Together, the RMs provide an assessment of terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, based on the particular taxonomic groups under investigation. The overall objectives are on the one hand to optimize the trade-offs between ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation, and on the other hand to recommend innovative land use strategies under the influence of regional climate change. Specifically we aim to explore (A) the impact of land use practices on faunal and floristic diversity patterns in the study area, (B) the potential of Caatinga vegetation for C sequestration, reforestation and biochar production, (C) the relevance of faunal biodiversity to pest control in new crop plantations, and (D) the potential of the reservoir’s margin zone as a buffer system for water supply.