SP 4 - Integration (across ESF/ESS strands)

LEGATO will test and improve already existing indicators for ESF/ESS and their values - building upon but going beyond existing indicators sets like those of the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) and the SEBI (Streamlining European Biodiversity Indicators). Beyond the applicability of the existing ones, specific integrative indicators for each of the three strands will be tested for their suitability, e.g., the “Human Appropriation of Net Primary Productivity – HANPP” (PS strand); the diversity of indicator plants (incl. weeds), pollinators, and natural enemies of crop pests (RS); and the diversity of charismatic species of conservation concern such as damsel- or dragonflies (CS). Indicator research will be done on intra-, trans- and superregional scales via cross continental comparisons. The DPSIR scheme popularised by the EEA complemented by a drivers’ institutional hierarchy analysis as developed in the ALARM project will be applied to illustrate the interaction of the economic and socio-cultural factors with geo-biogenic ones in shaping landscapes and ESS provision and recognition.