The LUCCi project started in July 2010 and aims at providing a scientific basis to develop optimized land use and water resources management strategies. To develop such strategies, interdisciplinary research methods are applied which consider both natural and social science approaches.

On the one hand, greenhouse gas emissions from different land uses and land covers are quantified and on the other, possible climate change impacts on existing land uses and biodiversity, hydrology as well as on the human and natural environment are investigated and modelled. Based on the results, scenarios will be developed by applying and integrating different models and hence strategies for sustainable land use and water resources management will be derived. Data collection and scenario development is conducted in close collaboration with the national and local stakeholders and during the last phase of the project, these strategies will be jointly implemented in the project region and offered to be transferred to further Central Vietnamese and other similar regions.

The study area covers the Vu Gia Thu Bon river basin (VGTB) and the entire two provinces of Quang Nam and Da Nang.  Major problems are hydropower development, deforestation and defragmentation, salt water intrusion, flood risk, drought risk, a dynamically changing institutional diversity as well as demographic change and increasing demands for food, water and energy.