SP 8 - Knowledge transfer and interaction management: facilitation of transdisciplinary process and communication measures

The objective is to develop a practice-tested methodology for the transfer of the project’s knowledge within the project and beyond, to knowledge users such as regional decision-makers, farmers and extension staff. This application-oriented research requires a high level of integration on various aspects: (a) integration of the scientific concepts by means of interdisciplinary communication, (b) integration of researchers and practitioners (stakeholders) by means of trans-disciplinary communication and (c) the integration of the research results into the land use-practice on site by means of participatory planning, monitoring, and evaluation of pilot studies and projects (such as model farm, decision support tools, policy advice). The central instrument for integration on all levels is a dialogue-oriented research process of stakeholder analysis, mutual evaluation of the new land use strategies, planning, monitoring and evaluation of pilot projects and studies. The subproject facilitates the multi- inter- and transdisciplinary discourse in all project phases from mutual planning to participatory monitoring and evaluation of the concept.