Coordination and integrated data management

The Coordination Project SPC will coordinate and integrate scientific activities and will design and implement a knowledge-based integrated database system for ecosystem functions and services analysis, modelling and assessment.

Core objectives

SPC coordinates and manages the research and dissemination activities and data flows of all partners in the cluster to ensure the achievement of the joint scientific goals and expected outputs. The coordination project focuses on several core objectives:

  • Establishment of an effective and successful project management structure accounting for all the management demands and challenges of the subprojects. This objective will include the management of personnel, technical and administrative topics. It will further include the facilitation and coordination of communication, data flows, capacity building efforts and the production of joint results among all partners of the project. Likewise the SPC will function as a link with the overarching LAMA coordination project GLUES.

  • Guidance and support of the stakeholder processes in such a way that the implementation of the project’s products and deliverables at stakeholder institutions is promoted.

  • Adaptation and implementation of the web-based, integrated Okavango Basin Information System data base (OBIS/AIDIS) provided by SPC member Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (FSU) at SPC member Okavango Research Institute in Maun (ORI). The OBIS will be populated with data obtained from the subprojects, partners and stakeholders, i.e. biodiversity data, hydro-meteorological data time series, input for model scenarios, socio-economic information and GIS maps. OBIS will make data time series, information and model results from the subprojects available to project partners, stakeholders, and authorized end-users. The latter will be trained in using OBIS by means of a comprehensive capacity development to ensure efficient service of the data needs of OKACOM and associated stakeholders.