SP 1 – Climate Change in the Okavango Region

This subproject will analyze present and future climate conditions in the Okavango Basin under different IPCC scenarios and provide climate change data including uncertainty information to the other subprojects. The data will include information on all components of the hydrological cycle (precipitation, evaporation, soil moisture, surface runoff) as well as other meteorological variables (temperatures, radiation, wind, etc.). The regional climate models (RCMs) REMO (Jacob 2001, Jacob et al. 2007), and WRF (Skamarock et al. 2005) will be extensively validated and if needed adjusted for the region and used with boundary conditions from ECMWF Re-analyses and two different global climate models (GCMs) (ECHAM5 (Roeckner et al. 2003), HadCM3 (Collins et al. 2001). In addition, studies will be carried out to strengthen the understanding of the processes determining the climate of the Okavango region. These studies concentrate on remote influences as moisture transport into the Okavango region.