SP 9 (Module 2): GIS-based landscape analyses, environmental modeling, and decision support for integrated resource management

The task of SP 09.2, i.e. the working group of Prof. J. Böhner at the Department of Geography in Hamburg, is the development and implementation of an integrated geospatial data analysis and decision support system within a GIS environment, featuring landscape analyses, modeling applications and an integrated assessment and optimization of landscape and resource management strategies for alternative climate and land use scenarios. The applications will integrate and aggregate methods, results and information from different subprojects.

To achieve these goals, SP 09.2 will contribute to the following tasks:

  • to screen different sources for relevant geodata and reveal gaps of information;

  • to analyze, quantify and model interrelations between different factors, land use systems and ecosystem services;

  • to identify and model dynamic interrelations between climatic variations, environmental processes and ecosystem services;

  • to define and aggregate scientific findings, information and methods and to transfer them to local stakeholders.