SP 10 – Governing transdisciplinarity and capacity development for enabling ESF&S management innovations

Subproject 10 supports the interaction between the scientific project team and non-scientific stakeholders. The main objective of SP10 is to design and facilitate a participatory research process, which links science to management as well as decision- and policy-making. Our activities combine the resources of scientists and stakeholders in order to maximize creativity and relevance. We also increase stakeholders’ capacity to enable, reproduce and develop ESF&S management and governance innovations. On the basis of scientific knowledge and methodologies, “The Future Okavango” project will contribute to understanding the status-quo, evaluating changes, finding solutions, and feeding back of the results. This process will support resource users, statutory and customary policy makers, extension officers, and development agents to develop and implement innovations in a way that the probability of sustainable land and water management is increased.