LandYOUs – How to use land? YOU decide!

A web-based game on land use

Who would not enjoy developing country assets using simple investments and thereby scoring successfully?

In our game, the player steps into the role of a politician for ten rounds and manages the land by the means of different policies. The main goal is to invest capital to achieve the economic, social and ecological success at the same time. System dynamics, limitations of land, and external price effects pose a challenge to this end. A simple map illustrates the changing distribution of different land use types - settlement, agriculture, forestry, and protected land. In case that the satisfaction of the people drops to the minimum or the environment is destroyed during the course of the game, the game ends before all ten rounds are finished. However, if the player discovers the multiple interrelations in time and invests in necessary developments in a balanced way, one can not only survive ten rounds but also score successfully. Who takes a chance to face the challenge?

This game was developed for students (age 16+) to be used during thematic courses that aim to provide a first impression on relationships between investments, land use, and different success indicators.

Link zum Spiel


Lenticular postcard [PDF]

Postcard with flip image. The pictures show the impacts on land use and population when making different political decisions.
If you are interested in the postcard please do not hesitate to get in touch with daniela.narr(at)

Scientific publication on the game

Schulze, J., Martin, R., Finger, A., Lindner, M., Pietzsch, K., Werntze, A., Seppelt, R. (2014): Design, implementation and test of a serious online game for exploring complex relationships of sustainable land management and human well-being. Environmental Modelling & Software 65 (20115): 58-66. [DOI]


If you have any kind of questions or improvements for the game
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Scientific concept:

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ

Department of Computational Landscape Ecology

Head: Prof. Ralf Seppelt

Permoserstr. 15, 04318 Leipzig


Design and implementation based on the software technology „GISCAME“:

PiSolution GmbH
An der Harth 6, 04416 Markkleeberg

All rights reserved.